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Susan Allison, RNC, BSN, MPA

Susan Allison, RNC, BSN, MPASusan Allison, RNC, BSN, MPA

National Osteoporosis Foundation
National Osteoporosis Foundation
Nurse Educator, Osteoporosis

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Susan Allison, RNC, MPA, is a nurse educator who, for the past 11 years, has focused her practice on osteoporosis and bone health. In her position as nurse educator for the Osteoporosis Center at Saint Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center in Livingston, N.J., she lectures extensively to community and professional groups. In addition, she provides education programs to osteoporosis patients as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.

Allison established the first osteoporosis support group in Northern New Jersey in cooperation with The National Osteoporosis Foundation. She worked closely with the New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services in the development and implementation of Project Healthy Bones, a statewide osteoporosis prevention and exercise program. She has appeared on Channel 13 in New York and on Channel 12 New Jersey News, as well as other local cable shows.

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National Osteoporosis Foundation


Organization Affiliations:
  • National Osteoporosis Foundation
  • Saint Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center
  • Project Healthy Bones

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