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Can women get pregnant and still have a period. 

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My story, I was at the time 32 yrs old. I was pregnant with my third child. The funniest thing about it. I didn't know. I haven't any symptoms. My period was on every month. The only reason I knew something was wrong. I slip and fell and hurt my foot. I went to the hospital and the doctor said Congratulation, I said for what. He say you are pregnant. I said you got jokes. I couldn't belive I was pregnant and I was 7 months pregnant. I have a beautiful baby girl. (8pd) At nine 9 months I blew up.


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A. Wow, I don't think so. I say that because you did not mention any symptoms at all. Why would you want to get pregnant at 53, by time the baby get...
A. You got a serious problem, you need to go see your doctor. Next time you might don't be so luck. Go see a doctor, you need help. 
A. It could be something else, you need to go to doctor and see why are you having all these problem, maybe your ovarian cysts came back. I can't...
A. I hate to say it, if that the only way to get a period, take the period. Unless Mother Nature come by.
A. I have a friend and she had her tube tied for 17yrs. She got pregnant and couldn't belive it. Neither could I, her tube came untied. So yes you...