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Your penis is affected by every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional life, and that's a fact. Men's talk.

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Hi well since this was written My wife thought it was time to come back to the UK so here we are outside the village of Dennington Suffolk, but not really happy lost a young dog of ours she got run over, this was a great loss to me as I had brought her up from a 3 week old pup.

Ever had your heart broken, mine is. 

So its been good by Greece home of really good weather, cheap wine and beer, do love you Greece, will be back for olive picking, as we still have our house there, just renting here.


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A. Hi A little late but don't get on here much to answer these days as the other message boards keep me busy.So your nipples getting sore and itchy...
A. Hi And Yes as it will never heal on its own, I would aim to get it done ASAPNOWHARD
A. Hi Easy stop wearing bras for a couple of weeks and see how that goes, have you thought it could be from washing power or detergent.NOWHARD 
A. Hi Sorry for this late reply, but please do read through this link you should find it interesting and helpful.
A. Hi A bit late in getting an answer away, but I don't think so, try some DHEA and Tribulus, they both work the same route so one backs the other...
A. Hi Pre-cum on the outer Labia major will not course pregnancy its just to far for sperm to go. and its not very nice environment for the odd sperm to...
A. Hi, Its you, you have to say to yourself I want to pack up, get into your brain that, that's it smoking is out, just doing that is away of...
A. aa
A. Hi The only white bit seen is at the bottom of the epididymis and its called appendix of testis, OKGood Luck
A. Hi Most dissolvable stitches start to break down within one to two weeks. However, it could take several months before your stitches disappear...
A. Hi Lets just say it would be the most sensible thing to have done, as rabies is not a nice way to die from. OKGood Luck
A. Hi As long as she has some stops to stretch her legs and not for getting the ladies room, she will be OK.Good Luck
A. Hi As long as she has some stops for the ladies room she will be OK.Good Luck
A. Hi Sher, Look its never to late to try and get back in that old saddle.As you can see I do a fair share of answering, porn is a deadly thing, but...
A. Wrap your self up in cotton wool get in bed and never get out again.Hi but what are you really looking for, your question is to wide to give a proper...