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A. Why would you want to take two antihistamines. You may want to talk to a doctor and get a stronger prescription antihistamine if either of these are...
A. You shoul consult a doctor before taking any medication if you are taking prescription drugs such as anti-depressents.
A. This is what you need to do. You need to be logged in. Then on the top right of the page click on the orange arrow to the right of your name. There...
A. That is a very general question. Lack of appetite can happen if you are under stress or sick. It can also occur if you ar eunder emotional distress.
A. I suggest reaching out to my doctor on the phone or to the urgent care center of your doctor  to ask if there is something wrong. There could be...
A. The best is to avoid food with high sugars and carbohydrates such as sodas and portato chips and rice.
A. We should try to stay away from 3 leaved shrubs and trees
A. I believe if they get come in direct contact with it, they can.
A. A dog can get Poion Ivy
A. Sleeping a hard surface such as the floor helps in reducing back pain. 
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Some common signs are dizziness, headaches, tingling in your hands and feet, extremely hot or cold in your hands and feet, breathlessnes when...