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If you want to be somebody and you want to go somewhere wake up and pay attention!!!

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I am 14 years old, i am in high school and almost everyday in biology it is something medical and i heard about this website and signed up for this to get answer i might just be 14 but i know medical things but not a lot.


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A. there is probably a nerve in your gums that is being twined 
A. have you ever thought it might be staff infection
A. Okay, When you have sex with your boyfriend does he reach the point of sperm squirting out, if so and it reaches your vaginal area then you might be...
A. Okay some times you have to wait 6 weeks or a month sometimes to take a  pregnancy test. so, take the test and see and also remember not just...
A. Sperm can only live for 30 seconds, so how long did it take for your boyfriends sperm to get on your thong
A. Okay, Hi i am 14 years old to but i know what you went through it is just that you have a low sperm count. What you can do is sit in a hot tub...