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A. Could be arthritis. If you get pain in your hands when its cold or sometimes when its raining then yes. Its arthritis.
A. I would suggest you see a doctor if the cough persist for 2 weeks or when you cough anything comes up (which ever happens first)
A. That would be your dry skin. Hair would not Velcro a smooth hand to it.
A. That is a part of ADD , ADHD is has to do with being hyper , since its the opposite it is ADD. ADHD is basically when you cant sit still or anything...
A. No , you can not be pregnant. Blood test are very accurate and if it came out negative then you are not pregnant. (:
A. yes. it is safe.
A. You can take a pregnancy test to make sure but your cycle is very irregular so that's most likely what it is. I am also anemic and that does not...
A. Pregnant or nah? lol. Just wait a few more days and take one again , if same thing happens. schedule a apt with her doctor.
A. Well maybe you've gotten your period..... Your questions doesn't really say a lot.