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A. Yes, Semen is extremely active once introduced to oxygen and they have been observed jumping vertically because of the high activity. There is a...
A. must of been a hella of a lap dance
A. nikka u gay 
A. ya man. "rock" on dude.
A. I understand. Try or something man I've heard good things about people who meet on there. Best of luck.
A. Could also be crabs. Nothing to serious though. Easy fix.
A. Are we talking about anal or vaginal?
A. yes, that is where you would type a question if you had one.
A. Put some bay leaves around the house and in the cabinets
A. Sounds to me like you probably just bruised your rib. Should go away with time but a trip to the doc is never a bad idea.
A. You better spread them legs girl and let him in or else he's gonna be knocking on someone else's door. Chances are youll turn into a fiend.
A. Just think of baseball or something.. youll be okay. Happy Wacking!
A. I would agree ^ out of the tap is the best option because it is more fresh and thick. Enjoy!
A. I have heard of people contracting chlymidia from intense eye contact. Be safe.
A. You have probably just got rug burn from her public area. Use some Vasaline and that should clear it up.