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Loss of appetite completely. been like this for months help!

I started losing my appetite when I got on this new type of birth control and it gave me morning sickness every morning to where I threw up no matter what. I tried to stick it out a few weeks to see if my body would get used to it but it did not so I got off of them. its been months I don't throw up anymore but I wake up feeling almost hungover. I can barely eat everyday I finally just had to start making myself. I also smoke a lot of weed. Which now doesn't even make me hungry anymore.


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Birth control pills can have a lot of different side effects. Many women report effects and changes on their appetite, swing mood, and weight. However, most of the time these side effects occur in the weeks and months immediately after starting the pill. Since you experienced having a morning sickness and feeling hangover. These symptoms occurred maybe because your body is not compatible with the said pills. I recommend to stop taking it and go back to your ob-gyn specialists and ask for other alternative birth control pills. 

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