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what does black stool mean

Ulcer history.  Passing out, removal of 25% of my stomach. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and pretty much have pain everywhere.  Had a bad reaction to gabapentin and have had no medications (except depression/anxiety) since Wednesday (Dr. is too busy) and it is now Sunday. No appetite.  Have to force myself to eat.  Nothing tastes right.  Drinking a lot of water, constantly thirsty.  Pooping is painful, very dark, almost grassy like.  From mashed potatoes to watery.  Suggestions?


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Hi Sorry your getting so much pain, but see if this helps, its from www.earthclinic.con, ok its ACV (apple coder vinegar) , high dose magnesium, L-carnitine, and you could add as a try Boric Acid, ask for it the chemist, its a 1/4 teaspoon in a litre of water just drink through the day.

But there's lots more on site just look under ailments under F.

As for your clay coloured stools that your gallbladder playing up, for this do a gall bladder flush very simple to do, see blow.

7 Day GALLSTONE Flush.

I forgot where I got this from, my family has used it for years with success. My daughter was told she needed gallstone surgery some years back but used this flush instead. She passed the stones, and didn't need the gallstone surgery.

I don't know about you, but I believe my gallbladder has a purpose for being there and I'd like to keep it. -------------------------------------


. Apple juice
. Grapefruit juice (canned is OK).
. lemon juice, fresh squeezed is better
. Epsom salts
. Extra virgin olive oil (The green coloured oil)
Monday through Saturday drink all the apple juice you can with your regular diet.

On Saturday, 3 hours after lunch, dissolve 2 teaspoons Epsom salts in a small glass of hot water and drink it, followed by a glass of grapefruit juice.

Repeat the Epsom salt, hot water procedure in 2 hours.

Eat nothing for dinner except a half a grapefruit and a glass of grapefruit juice.

Just before going to bed, mix 1/2 cup of warm olive oil with 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice and drink it.

Follow that with 1/2 cup olive oil mixed with 1/2 cup of lemon juice.

Then go straight to bed lying on your right side with your right knee pulled up as close to your chest as possible for a half hour.

On Sunday morning take 2 more teaspoons of Epsom salts in a small amount of hot water, at least an hour before eating breakfast.

That mornings bowel movement will contains small green irregular shaped cholesterol stones, some just smaller than the size of cherries.

I know this is tough but it has worked really well for my family. hope it works well for you.


Also from earthclinic, the last day don't make any plans to be to far away from your toilet, your find out why?

Hope this helps you.

Good Luck

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