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How do I deal with alcohol induced gastritis and alcohol withdrawal at the same tiime?

I recently went into the er with severe stomach pain.Vodka had been my only way of coping with pain. I was given two very strong doses of pain medicine and upon returning home suffered with dry mouth nausea, vomiting and a wicked case of diarrhea. Im concerned about suffering withdrawal symptoms while trying to beat this gastritis. Have not had solid food in three days.The flooding diarrhea still persists although I did take a couple of immodium today. Any suggestions for getting through this. 

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Hi Colin, 

  So, that was 5 days ago, I sure hope you're ok. If not, try to keep hydrated, ice chips, popsicles, or Jello, warm, and liquid. Not jiggly, at first.  Small sips. Really does work. When you feel like you can swallow food, just stick to stuff your Mom gave you when you were sick as a kid. Campbell's Chicken Noodle, Saltines, plain toast, rice,if you're feeling brave. 
   Have a friend help you, try 'not to be alone. Alone makes everything worse when you're trying to dry out. For the cotton mouth, there's stuff you can get over the counter, the Pharmacist will know. I take opiates for back issues, lots of metal in there, so I get dry mouth. not pleasant.
    Ok, here's where I get all nosy, but, hey, you posted first. What kind of pain are you treating with Vodka? Seriously, that seems like an emotional pain, not physical pain. But, if you drink enough to fear withdrawal, it can easily become more physical than you know. Ulcers, liver, pancreas,ect...I was married to a drinker, and Vodka is usually what gets poured into the Mountain Dew can, no smell. 
   I apologize if I seem harsh, but, although I partied like a Rock Star, back in the day, I'm lucky. at least 8 of my friends are dead, or have killed someone, (Driving, not intentionally, just selfishly), lost their jobs, families, self respect. You get the picture. My ex is doing great,no waking up in bushes anymore,  but the daughter he abandoned, is a train wreck. I'm fine, clean for 20 years, married an amazing man, but even he wasn't enough to keep her from going off the rails. 
   If you are in some kind of physical pain, go back to a Medical Facility, fill out the forms for Gov't aid, and let them help you through your pain. If it's emotional, go talk to the Psych ward. If you let them, it will be hard, but you'll be glad you have folks with Medical knowledge to see you through. Again, fill out the forms, and thank Obama. 
  We all need a hand to either pull us up, or hold us up, every now and then. If one is there for you to grab, that's huge. You don't need to go through this alone, seriously. If you;re in a legalized state, a little smoke may calm your stomach, but stay away from alcohol, it'll wreck you, even more. I'm in Colorado, they have all kind of edibles that are supposed to help. I tried a piece of candy once, slept for 16 hours. I don't like having my reality altered, hate my pain pills, but walking without them, isn't an option. Drunk driver, I went through the windshield, with my seat still attached. Damn old VW Bugs, should have never survived this long, mostly rust. The drunk guy did it again, he is now a paraplegic, and the girl he slammed into was killed. Alcohol is the worst drug ever invented, imho. Ruins lives, legally. 

Please get help, you seem like a really kind soul, don't throw your life away. I don't pray, non believer, but I will send healing hopeful thoughts your way, wish I could do more. Peace. Sandi

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