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Why do I hear clicking inside my ear? (Not jaw related)

Sound is like the clicking of a gas stove igniter before flame appears.It is rhythmic and the pace varies depending on sounds around me.WhenI run faucet or vacuum, the clicks are much quicker.When loud sounds subside,clicking returns to slower rate.Started suddenly since jogging few days ago.First I asked if others could hear it before realizing it was internal.Only one ear,no pain,no excess earwax buildup,slightly obese (3lbs for my height),mid 30s,good blood pressure.Any suggestions? Thankyou!

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These irregular clicking noises in the ear should NOT be confused with tinnitus. ... BUT, instead of being able to "see" the twitching as with eye twitching (also known as blepharospasm), one hears the twitching instead since the muscles are located around or in the ear. The most common causes are: Palatal Myoclonus. I have some good work experience with a OOH advertisement ERP and my words are clearly based on what I felt through such processes in the past. (

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