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Can pre cum get through thin clothes?

I am afraid I am pregnant. My boyfriend and I were dry humping. we were both wearing underwear and gym shorts. he did not finish but I wasn't sure if there was pre cum. I had a very light period with no cramps I got put on birth control and my breasts really hurt and one is swollen.I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and they all say negative one was a blood but I am still worried. I thought it was safer than actually having sex but now I am so scared and need answers.

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Hi OK unless your bf masturbated before seeing you and did not urinate then there would be a very small amount in his pre-cum, the problem is sperm cant swim through clothing and not 4 layers of the best way to get pregnant is for sperm to be deposited next to your cervix, see from outside your vagina its a long way for sperm to swim. OK

I think the BC you have been put is wrong for your body, this is why your getting these really bad side effects, its back to your doctor time, but till then do come off them.

But no unprotected sex till you have seen your doctor. OK

Remember safe sex is the best sex.

Good Luck

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