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Swollen uvula for 5 months. Why is this???!?!

hello, I have had a swollen uvula for about 5 months no and it is driving me absolutely insane. I am constantly not comfortable. It's hard to breathe all the time. My throat feels like I have strep throat everyday. And it feels raw. I have had a scope done. Been on acid reflux meds for 2 months. Which is what the ent said the cause was. Well it's been 2 months and it's still as bad even on the meds. I took two round of steroids and antibiotics. Gargled with salt water. Ive tried everything.


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Let me tell you my story first and see if it may help you. I had the same thing i.e. swollen uvula for a couple years.  Tried treating it with antibiotics etc. from the Dr. none of which worked. Through my own research I figured out that my uvula had a fungal infection. It was not viral or bacterial in nature as antibiotics an viral medication made no difference at all. 

Having said this I already knew that standard everyday Baking Soda knocks out fungus very efficiently. For example if you ever have a pair of shoes that develop an odor generously sprinkle Baking Soda on them wrap them in a plastic back then throw them in the freezer overnight, viola no more odor. Why? Because baking soda kills any type of fungus deader than a door nail. 

At any rate if your Uvula problem is fungal in nature or you want to rule out it being fungal then gargle with warm water and baking soda as often as possible. Then before bed make a paste from the baking soda with a few drops of water and coat your uvula as best you can. Use a butter knife and tilt your head back to get the Baking Soda in the area of your Uvula. Gargle for 20 minutes.  The point being to saturate your Uvula as much as possible and as long as possible with the Baking Soda solution. Again before bed take the baking soda paste or even powder form about a 1/2 teaspoon and work it to the back of your mouth the idea being to get a coat of baking soda around your uvula and let it sit there over night. It tastes salty but one does not complain about the taste of Quinine when suffering from malaria ! 

If your Uvula is swollen due to fungus you will have remarkable relief in a a few days.  However keep at this routine a little longer to knock out the fungus 110%.
Good Luck !. 

NOTE: Baking Soda has many other medicinal qualities. Google and You Tube it for further research. If you ever have heartburn or upset stomach take a level teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of water. In a few minutes let out a healthy belch or 2 and go to bed relived.  

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