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I have erectyle Dysfunction how do I cure it For Peter L

I don't have diabetes, I have tried all rubs and patches for low t at the same time have used Viagra, cialis, everything as far as a pill,I have had 
Muse injection into uretha deep and it didn't work. I had a triple by pass in 2000 and have been given the okay by cardiologist, and go for good health but my penis doesn't work can it be from blood pressure meds
Or lipids for chloresterol or ssri for anxiety and panic also have epileptic meds epival. I take pristiq and clonazepam for anxiety. 


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Hi HBP meds are sex killers, drugs for cholesterol are sex killers, two kinds of drugs for depression are sex killers, these are enough for your problem.

OK I have a mix which your find down below, this will clean your blood and should help your HBP and get rid of plaque the giving you your high cholesterol, two down.

Your find if you get into meditation and this does come highly recommended as a cure for depression and anxiety your find it will help so three more drugs gone.

Just google depression, anxiety and meditation for all the help your need, but try finding a local group as these will help you getting into meditation.

But you really do need to go through all this with your doctor, he wont like it as he wont be getting any kick backs from drug company's for all the drugs you on, and he wont like that.

Although not common, it could do. Any man might have problems with sex from time to time. This is known as sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is more common in men with epilepsy than men without epilepsy. It includes loss of interest in sex, difficulty in getting and staying aroused (also called impotence), and problems with fertility.

The above piece is from this site.

OK Below is my mix it will help if you try it and it will clean your blood, your veins and artery's , and its something I do take each day and its all very healthy, you can google any of the for your problems.

The way out and clearing away plaque would be to get on Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric with black pepper and garlic, take this each morning and see how you go.

For each heaped teaspoon of turmeric you add a ¼ teaspoon of ground black pepper, this helps the turmeric to get absorbed into your system better.

The whole mix its all very healthy for you.

You just mix CP and Turmeric and BP 50/50 in olive oil and then mix with tomato paste and thin it with olive oil, at first you just mix this to a heat ( this the heat that CP gives off) that suits you, and over time you can slowly increase the CP and Turmeric.

You take 3 teaspoonful’s each morning first thing, you wash each spoonful down with water, before anything else just after you get up, one thing it will warm you up with this mix, which will also help would be very fine chopped garlic, just do a whole head, chopped fine, and keep in olive oil, with this you add dried parsley, a couple of good desert spoonful’s and mix, you just add a teaspoonful on top of the CP an turmeric mix, just mix into the top take as said.

The Parsley its very good for the blood and helps keep your Cholesterol down.

Please do keep both jars in the fridge, keeps a lot better that way.

Now if you google and read up about all three, there very good for ED, your cholesterol, heart and it clears blocked arteries and veins, good at lowering HBP, prostate and RA, garlic is also very good for your blood, so along with the CP and turmeric with BP, your be doing your body the world of good.

Turmeric is a great way of fighting and lowering your triglyceride numbers when you have high cholesterol, and turmeric is also a way of fighting certain cancers.

Sauce for info is,

New link for turmeric and HBP, <!-- m --> ... d-pressure

<!-- m -->

At first you really need to be taken this 3 times a day the other 2 times just before meals, for 2 weeks, then just twice a day for 2 weeks then just the once at first thing in the mornings, great way to start the day.

And yes have had ED now in recovery and do take what is above daily along with other supplements and a hormone.
So do hope this helps you.

Good Luck

PS This really needs a 12 week trail, to see if its going to work for you, if its for RA do increase it up, the stronger it is the better it works for you.

Don’t forget to up the amount of CP and turmeric as you go on.

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