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I have type 2 diabetes, 2x in the past week my blood sugar has dropped to 60. I am not taking medicine. Any sug. why?

I walk 1 mile at least, daily. Eat what the diabetic counselor said, drink water, and test my blood daily. The levels were 120 fasting and 134 fasting when I tested earlier those days. I got the symptoms of low sugar levels/ high sugar levels later, so I tested, the levels were 60. I got the level up to 90 within 15 minutes. She had told me that unless I was on insulin, it would not do this. Obviously it is happening I am not on diabetes medication. Any suggestions as to why it is doing this? 


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I also have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar sometimes gets low as well. I was told by my doctor to let them know if my blood sugar is 60 or lower. Eating something will bring your blood sugar up as well.

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