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How do I put on healthy weight?

Hi, I'm a 15 year old male who only weighs about 110-115. This is really light compared to my other friends who all weigh about 140-150. I want to put on more weight, I have been doing that over the summer but it's all from junk food. I want to gain weight from muscle and healthy foods. What's the best way to do that for someone my age?
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Hi OK your is a very healthy weight, but not knowing your height, and you do have to remember not every guy is big, as this is down to your body frame and your genes, its this last one that really defines your size as you get older.

But doing some weight training could help with eating a very healthy diet, but there are some very healthy foods that will help you bulk up or you can try, some guys really find it hard to add weight that is healthy weight.

So just let your mates add weight and you stay slim and healthy, your find this will be so good for you as you get older. OK

Good Luck 

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