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clogged ears

I had a cold about 2 weeks ago which is gone now. My left ear is very clogged in the mornings and I have EXTREME trouble clearing it. Through out the day i still need to yawn to clear that ear. When I clear it my nose starts to run just a little. When i blow my nose there is popping and pressure in that ear.
I feel perfectly fine and the only time my nose runs is when I clear my ears.
Whats going on? Am i just over reacting?

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When my son had clogged ears, he couldn't hear very well. The otolaryngologist (sp) explained that his adenoids were enlarged, blocking his eustachian tubes which drain the fluid from the ears running down to the adenoids. This caused a backup of fluid in his ears, and consequently temporary hearing loss.  If the adenoids are enlarged it prevents the draining of the fluid. I'd see an ENT physician to be sure.

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