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Penis so short after stroke can't pee normal man Can anything be done to improve this?


I had Left pentene  stroke when I 46 years olds I am now 60. One of the drugs they gave me which one I don't remember  that really affect the size of penis both length and diameter. as a result it is so short that I have sit down to pee or will pee all over myself. plus forget about any kind of erection.  Is there anything that can be done about this. Please Help

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Hi Doing a read up found that you must have been on antidepressants  of some kind, these will do this to you, I've answered questions on this before, would you be surprised that doctors do not know that a side effect of these drugs are ED and penis shrinkage.

The only thing I can think of to help would be jelqing and stretching exercises, but to do that you would need to be able to get a good semi erection, and one last thing its not a quick fix, as it takes a long time for it to work.

Go To join you could put a question on there ED forum or put a question to Big Al on there, and see what he thinks.

Hope this points you the right way.

Good Luck

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