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is 800mg of over the counter ibuprofen the same as 700mg of muscle relaxers

My Fiancé pulled a muscle and when I finally talked him into going to the hospital they gave him a 700mg muscle relaxer and a 600mg anti inflammatory but he won't take them because he says that otc ibuprofen is stronger than the other medicines that were prescribed to him I have tried to tell him that he needs to take what he was given because it is better but he is a know it all so he won't listen. Is he right?


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Ibuprofen will help the inflammation but won't relax the muscle.  One medication is different than another, so 700 mg of one thing could be as effective as 800 mg of something else.

He needs to keep in mind that a muscle relaxer is a different type of drug than an anti inflammatory, are not equal, and do fundamentally different things. So he can't be right.

Also, we can't know what is 'stronger' without knowing what it actually is.

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