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What types of food should you eat when diagnosed with shingles?

My partner has shingles and I have never had chickenpox nor have I been vaccinated for chickenpox. Should I be around him and how long should I stay away. What steps do to Disinfect his home?

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You have most likely been exposed already, but not all people who are exposed with get shingles, or in your case, chicken pox.  Many people have antibiotics against chicken pox with only having a mild case in the past and not being diagnosed.

If he has active shingles (herpes zoster) now, he is contagious from direct contact with skin to skin or through fomites (items contaminated from active lesions, like clothing or objects).  Shingles is not airborne. Consider him contagious until his lesions resolve, and go get a vaccine.....just in case. Disinfect any potentially contaminated things with a bleach solution or Lysol spray.

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