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What kind of knee problem could I have?

I work for a local McDonald's.April 2012 had severe knee pain when leg was straightened. Wore brace/iced knee nightly for a week, pain went away. When I Workout, I run a mile on treadmill at 5.0 pace.Today while at work felt pain in right knee when walking around at work.  When I went to workout tonight wore knee brace.


Should I go get this checked out? Who should I see PCP?Currently no insurance and no PCP,use quick care at my doctor's office so I get different people each time I go there.

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You could have a Meniscus Tear/Inflammation. This happened to me a while back. My treatment was cortisone shots every couple of weeks until the inflammation died down.  If it is very painful and chronic you can get an operation to fix it; this is assuming that is the issue.  

is a link. 

Another thing that can be happening is the onset of arthritis.  There are various causes of arthritis, but this is best determined by a doctor.  

At any rate I would lay off the work-outs/runs until you can find out what is wrong.  Persistent aggravation can cause more permanent injury if you do not know what it is. Diagnosis usually involves x-rays, which can get expensive with no insurance and seeing an Orthopedic specialist is the best route.   

Take care!! 

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