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I exercise with a stationary bicycle. I have been chaffed in the groin area. How do I protect my groin from this?

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I am an avid biker and there are many solutions that translate from actual road biking to stationary biking:
  • First, start off by wearing proper clothing, yes a good pair or two of biking shorts (with padding) are just as beneficial on a stationary bike as well as the ones that move. Also make sure that you clean your shorts after each ride since residual bacteria can cause irritation. Yes biking shorts are expensive, but a couple of good pair makes a huge difference. 
  • Make sure you have a good fitting seat.  Now if you are a health club you cannot change it, but if this a home stationary bike you can change the seat. Not all seats are made the same and since a seat might be large and comfy it does not always translate into being good for reducing chaffing.
  • As far as creams or ointments this is where you may have to experiment. Using petroleum jelly is fine, but I would add some shea butter to the mix.  Some people use K-Y jelly instead, and of course there are tons of commercial products like "Brave Soldier", which I have used. 
  • Changing riding positions also helps, simple changing your lateral position on the seat, every now and then, you can reduce continuos contact on the seat.
I hope this helps and keep it up!!!!!!!

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