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Could my daughter have a health issue?

My daughter is 2 years old, she weighs 49 pounds, and is 38 inches tall. Her pediatricians keep telling me just give her more fruits and veggies, but I do. It's rare if I give her any junk, she runs around the house, but gets tired quickly, which is obviously because of her weight. She's outgrown toddler clothing, and is into Girls sizes, she can't wear jeans because they don't fit her right. I just want some answers as to what could be wrong.

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I would go back to my MD and tell him to take some blood work.  The first thing you need to rule out would be if she is anemic, which can easily be taken care of by giving her iron supplements.  My grandaughter is very big for her age as well, she is 3 and very large, however she is very active.  If you don't feel like your doctor is answering your questions or taking your concerns seriously, I would get a second opinion.  She is most likely just fine, however, there is no reason for you to have to worry about it constantly, and you just need to tell your MD you expect some answers

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