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whats the difference in depression, anxiety, and menopause? Can one have all three? Whats the treatment?

She is 50 years old never wants to leave the house she is worried about everything, she doesn't work anymore, always worried her clothes look bad, afraid my dad doesn't love her, she is always tired, but can't sleep, she can't concentrate, has trouble sleeping, and does not have any energy. what is going on with her?


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menopause can cause depression.  As we experience menopause, many of our hormones are just not what they should be and we can have so many different symptoms, night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, etc.

Anxiety and depression are not the same thing.  Depression is something you can have without even knowing it, you lose interest in things you once enjoyed, many people that are depressed just want to stay in bed, they seldom want to see or be with friends and family.

Anxiety is totally different.  Depending on the severity of it, you can have panic attacks that can be very frightening.  Your heart can race and you may feel you are having a heart attack and or dying, you may not be able to be in crowded places and you can have anxiety, and cope with it, and then have an anxiety or panic attack which is very frightening.

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