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How do I get rid of the mild to moderate acne scarring and large pores on my forehead?

I am 25, have an olive skin tone, an oily/combination complexion, and seem to scar more easily. I have some acne scarring on my forehead, and also large pores (which turn into blackheads) all over my forehead. I have a pretty decent skin care regimen, never had real acne, but do have issues with small pimple-type bumps on my chin (not whiteheads, not large, not painful, maybe cystic?). I don't want my scarring to get worse, and want to minimize my pores.

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Acne scars will fade with age, however, you can make them fade faster with laser treatment.  Talk to your dermatologist about it.  As for the small pimple-type bumps, your dermatologist could prescribe you a topical cream.

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