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Can stomach pain with diabetes get so bad to send you to the ER?

Ive had stomach pain that is just getting worse and worse so bad that I'm taking pain meds for it and without would go to the ER. No fever, I've noticed my groin area is itchy, blured vision, cloudy thinking, headache, tired at times, really bad joints as in disc shoulder thirty plus times, arms and legs fall asleep just sitting there numbness tiggling, I always am drinking something frequent urination and I was 240 three years ago now I 206. Diabetes? Also have a bunch of blood work for GI stuf

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1st Get to a doctor about your stomach pain and get that checked out as soon as possible.
2nd The other symptoms, exept maybe the itchy groin area, can be attributed to Diabetes, but again this needs to be verified by further examination by a doctor.

I hope you feel better, but again please see a doctor about the pain as soon as possible and get a full blood work-up which can provide insight on can be causing your other issues.

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