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why do i feel so angry when people wake me up

Why do I experience Anger when I am woken up, it is only when i am sleeping and someone or something wakes me up before I have to. I usually get so angry that it does not matter if its my 1 year old or my husband i immediately want o harm them insult hem and feel so angry that it scares me.

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This could be REM Sleep Disorder where the person tends to "act out" his or hers dreams. This occurs because in REM sleep the person usually goes through a paralysis, with REM Sleep Disorder the paralysis does not exist so the person, especially is awaken, tends to be continue with his/hers dream, sometimes getting angry.  

If you were in the military and served in a combat situation you can be suffering from PTSD conditions. I never, ever woke my father when he was asleep, because he would wake up angry.  

Other causes can be added stress in your life or an event that has happen.  You might want to contact a sleep specialist to help out.

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