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What causes figure skating injuries?


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Overtraining and Poor Technique

Impact at landing generates deceleration forces measuring up to 100 Gs in adolescent skaters. This phenomenal force is transmitted throughout the lower extremity contacting the ice and axial skeleton and is the main contributor to the host of injuries sustained in figure skating.


Boot stiffness: A stiff skating boot is similar to a cast. The stiffer the boot, the more limited the motion at the ankle and thus the knee, hip, and back.

This limited motion may contribute to muscle weakness in the foot and ankle.

Blade placement: Poorly placed blades can cause the skater to shift more to an outside or inside edge.

Blade sharpness: Blades that are too sharp can cause less experienced skaters to be more susceptible to traumatic injuries due to the tendency for the blade to "pull" the skater.

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