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How can field hockey injuries be prevented?


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As we learn more about the types of injuries that most commonly occur in field hockey, it is possible to design and implement strategies targeted to injury prevention.

Tips to prevent field hockey injuries include:

  • Wear appropriate personal protective gear.
  • Gradually increase the frequency, intensity, and duration of training to avoid overuse injuries.
  • Balance cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and skills training.
  • Be aware of potentially hazardous environmental conditions like excessively hot or wet conditions and plan accordingly.
  • Rest. Take some time away from training both during and between seasons to avoid overuse injury and burnout.
  • Don't specialize in one sport. Take time to participate in other sports to enhance your performance.
  • Report all injuries in a timely fashion and seek appropriate medical care. Don't try to "play through the pain."
  • Participate in adequate and supervised rehabilitation for all injuries. Returning to a sport prematurely is associated with a high risk of re-injury.
  • Consider participation in neuromuscular training programs to prevent common ankle and knee injuries.

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