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Will changing my infant’s or toddler’s diet help his eczema?


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While many parents assume that a particular food is the cause of their child’s eczema, the answer is rarely that simple. Most eczema is unrelated to diet. In fact, parents who remove food from their child’s diet in an effort to clear up the skin can be causing more harm than good. If your child’s eczema greatly improves with gentle skin care and topical medications as described above, it is unlikely that there is a “hidden” food allergy in play.

Some children with eczema have food allergies, but that does not mean that the food allergies actually cause the eczema. If your child gets hives (red, itchy swollen skin bumps that look different from eczema) within one hour of eating a specific food, this is a sign of a food allergy and this food should be avoided until you talk to your child’s doctor.

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