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Why do I feel pins and needles one minute and sharp stabbing pain the next?


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There are a number of symptoms associated with nerve pain. A common symptom is often described as a burning, stabbing, or tingling pain. Nerve pain, if untreated, may get worse. Sometimes it starts with numbness and pins and needles and develops into stabbing and burning sensations. With time, nerve pain can spread up the legs from the feet or up the arms from the hands.

Nerve pain results from damaged nerves inside your body. You can think of your central nervous system as a series of electrical wires that connect your brain to the rest of your body, allowing both to communicate. An injured nerve is like a short-circuited wire in the central nervous system - it stops working properly and sends the wrong signals to the brain.

As a result, people feel uncomfortable and experience symptoms that they might describe as tingling or pins and needles or more painful symptoms like burning and stabbing. Nerve pain can be related to a number of medical conditions such as diabetes, shingles, cancer and its treatments, carpal tunnel syndrome, or a spinal injury.

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