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Dr Rod Moser, PA, PhD

Rod Moser, PA, PhDRod Moser, PA, PhD

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Primary Care

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I am a primary care physician assistant (PA) for nearly 40 years; one of the first licensed PAs in the United States. I have practiced in a variety of health care setting, including internal medicine, family practice, emergency/urgent care medicine, occupational health, and pediatrics/adolescent medicine. My passion is caring for patients of all ages.

I hold a BS in medical science, a Master’s degree in family health services, and a PhD in health education. During my long career, I have held faculty positions and professorships at four different universities: University of California Davis School of Medicine, Central Michigan University, Samuel Merritt University, and the Arizona School of Health Sciences. I continue to teach as a volunteer faculty.

I have published four medical textbooks, including two editions of Primary Care for Physician Assistants (McGraw-Hill), and two editions of a consumer-oriented book called Ears: An Owner’s Manual (Amazon). I have over 600 other publications in lay and professional journals, and lecture extensively at state and national medical conferences.

My professional association with WebMD spans over a decade, with tens of thousands of posting on the Ear, Nose, and Throat Community board, and hundreds of educational and, I hope, entertaining blogs on Family Webicine.
Outside of my busy clinical practice, I enjoy gardening, landscaping, raising backyard chickens, photography, traveling, kayaking, cooking, woodworking, and collecting bizarre and unusual medical antiques. I am the Curator of the Gold Country Medical History Museum in Auburn, CA, where I have found permanent home for my lifelong collections.

My wife is also a practicing PA in adolescent and pediatric medicine. We have five grown children and five grand-grandchildren. We share our Northern California rural home with three energetic Shelties, two cats, a 35-year old African Grey parrot, and of course, a dozen egg-laying chickens.

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A. No. This is not likely. There is no empirical evidence that bed bugs spread shingles from one person to the next.
A. This is an over-dosage, but not a toxic or dangerous over-dosage, assuming if just was one, isolated incident. One needs to be very careful and...
A. is not normal for an adult to suck their thumb.
A. No. The only way to rid yourself of THC is to not use it in the first place, or wait about three weeks (or more, depending on the type of drug...
A. Any time that you have sex......without a condom, whether there is an ejaculation or risky for an unintentional pregnancy. Plan B needs to...
A. You are okay.....relax. A mucoid discharge from the vagina is common; especially during sex. As long as you used a condom....the condom was intact...
A. Best Answer
Pharyngitis IS a sore throat....the word means "inflammation of the pharynx (throat".  There are hundreds of causes of vertigo, and it...
A. No, she will not get pregnant this way, but you are both involved in some risky sexual activity that may eventually escalate to even-riskier acts. If...
A. A tampon will not affect the accuracy of a urine test....these are two different "compartments". A urine Chlamydia test or any other urine...
A. Not enough information......knowing the name of those medications was supposed to be taking during her pregnancy would be a helpful.
A. I don't know the age of your mother or the year of this birth, but ether has NOT been used in the delivery room for many decades. There is no...
A. An HIV test is a separately-ordered test, so you will need to ask the lab (or the medical provider who ordered the test) to see if he/she included an...
A. You can, but it will burn like crazy....and will not change the course of this skin eruption. My advice is to not bother using rubbing alcohol.
A. Water transmission would not be highly unlikely....unless, of course, you are doing more than just bathing in that tub.
A. Yes....ONE SIDE of your hip. Herpes zoster (shingles) is painful, follows a particular nerve pathway, and will only occur on one-side.