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Dr Rod Moser, PA, PhD

Rod Moser, PA, PhDRod Moser, PA, PhD

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Primary Care

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I am a primary care physician assistant (PA) for nearly 40 years; one of the first licensed PAs in the United States. I have practiced in a variety of health care setting, including internal medicine, family practice, emergency/urgent care medicine, occupational health, and pediatrics/adolescent medicine. My passion is caring for patients of all ages.

I hold a BS in medical science, a Master’s degree in family health services, and a PhD in health education. During my long career, I have held faculty positions and professorships at four different universities: University of California Davis School of Medicine, Central Michigan University, Samuel Merritt University, and the Arizona School of Health Sciences. I continue to teach as a volunteer faculty.

I have published four medical textbooks, including two editions of Primary Care for Physician Assistants (McGraw-Hill), and two editions of a consumer-oriented book called Ears: An Owner’s Manual (Amazon). I have over 600 other publications in lay and professional journals, and lecture extensively at state and national medical conferences.

My professional association with WebMD spans over a decade, with tens of thousands of posting on the Ear, Nose, and Throat Community board, and hundreds of educational and, I hope, entertaining blogs on Family Webicine.
Outside of my busy clinical practice, I enjoy gardening, landscaping, raising backyard chickens, photography, traveling, kayaking, cooking, woodworking, and collecting bizarre and unusual medical antiques. I am the Curator of the Gold Country Medical History Museum in Auburn, CA, where I have found permanent home for my lifelong collections.

My wife is also a practicing PA in adolescent and pediatric medicine. We have five grown children and five grand-grandchildren. We share our Northern California rural home with three energetic Shelties, two cats, a 35-year old African Grey parrot, and of course, a dozen egg-laying chickens.

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