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A. feel free to email me.. i can try to help more :)
A. take a test.. you can spot called "implantaion bleeding" it looks much like a period.. hope this helps! good luck!
A. sounds like an yeast infection.. try getting stuff to treat that and go from there.. hope this helps :)
A. powders absorb into your body faster
A. why would you want it to stop? only other way i know is pregnancy or have a hyterectiomy...
A. when did you start birth control? but its normal to have 2 especially if you just started your birth control because your body is ajusting to it...
A. tell the doctor ASAP!
A. how long have you been off?? i was on birth control for 4 years and got of and got pregnant a week later.. just depends on how fast your body can get...