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overnight oxygen sat rate 78 for up to 4 minutes at a time? Dr. has me using oxygen at night. What does this mean?

Because of extreme fatigue, my doc ordered an ox meter test and as soon as she got the results, she ordered oxygen at night. I am waiting on a sleep test, however, I no longer have insurance . How important is the sleep study? My appointment is the end of February. Also, how does long term use of oxygen at night help? I am also living with HIV and on those medications, and last year had a liver injury due to Epstien Barr virus. Does severe clinical depression effect this issue?

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Hi brendabreezy,

My mother and I have gone through this.  Your oxygen level most likely is dropping at night due to "sleep apnea" which is when you stop breathing for a period of time every few minutes (usally while snoring) and thus your not getting enough oxygen in your lungs, brain, heart, ect..

An oxygen level of 78 is very low so they may want to do blood tests to rule out blood disorders and due a check on your white blood cell count and see if any of the labs show whatt could be causing your fatiguel.  If not, something else could be going on.  In my Mothers and my cases we both have COPD (corany obstrutive pulminary disease). You can have that with Bronchitis and/or Emphysima as it is a respiratory disorder that does end up doing damage to your lungs as well as your heart over time. But with your other problems I can only take a wild guess.  You should write down or type all your questions for the doctor (make copy for yourself to make sure Dr doesn't just skip over the hard quesions) and see what he is trying to find out and what is already ruled out.  Depression can affect your healing process as mind over matter isn't just a saying.  And if you no longer have insurance, see if you will qualify for a Medicaid card with your income level.  If not there are clinics that charge low prices for the working poor but you will have to call around to find them.   Good Luck,


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