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Do i have a sinus infection i have blood in my snot when i blow my nose?(mornings)slight pain in eyes certain directions

i just got over a cold but i feel fine, usually only in the mornings

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I've had sinus problems most of my adult life and I feel for you! First of all, if you're blowing out clear junk rather than yellow or green mucus, you probably don't have a sinus infection - at least not yet.

The blood-tinged mucus may be due to something as simple as your surroundings simply being too dry. When that happens the tissue in your nose gets very dried out and can bleed. If you're like I USED to be, you blow your nose hard and you may even put Mentholatum in the nostril just so you can get more comfortable.

Here's what I've learned, finally, to get past this very aggravating problem:
  • Start a nasal lavage with a Netti pot or any warm, saline, but buffered solution (about 8 ounces) right after you get up and then again at least at night. You can find homemade recipes for your own solution, but I just prefer the ease of opening a small packet of ready-mixed powder into the squeeze bottle (which I prefer over the traditional Netti pot). That clears out the mucus.
  • Blow the nose (both sides) GENTLY to get all the remaining mucus out.
  • Then I follow that with two sprays of a prescription corticosteroid spray of fluticasone. This is something that you should talk over with your doctor, but I'd suggest (from personal experience) that you not use anything over the counter except a pure saline mist such as Ayr or Ocean. I prefer Ayr because of the configuration of the bottle's tip. I use this in between nasal lavages when I'm really stuffed up.
  • You can safely put petroleum jelly gently up into your nose. When I louse up and miss taking care of my sinuses as I'm supposed to, I will get a small bleed site that scabs over, etc. My doctor suggested Vaseline and I have some in my bedroom and also in my office.
  • During the dry winter months I have a cool air moisturizer going all the time in both my bedroom and in my home office. If you can find a "hygrometer" that lets you see the level of humidity in a room, that helps a lot. I bought the KAZ cool mist units. Good performance and 2-year warranty plus no white stuff coming out to get all over everything. There are sometimes initial problems with impeller noise that is 'way too loud, but KAZ customer relations people are absolutely great at getting that problem solved over the phone in less than 5 minutes and then you have a perfectly functional humidifier. I'm sold on mine and will get more as needed. I paid only $35 at my local pharmacy for mine.
  • Hope this helps....can you tell my work load here at home is low this AM? Glad I had the time to forward some tips to help you out.

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