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can someone get pregnant if the condom didn't bust.

can someone get pregnant if the condom didn't bust my girlfriend say she didn't saw her period this month which we has sex in this month 14th of November she said the month end and she didn't see it. can it be because she has been stress she didn't see it?


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It's definitely possible for a girl to get pregnant even if the guy uses a condom. One key piece of information here is: When did you put the condom on? If you inserted your penis in your girlfriend's vagina before putting on the condom, it's possible you impregnated her. That's because pre-ejaculatory fluid ("pre-cum") can contain sperm. If one of those sperm got loose and found an egg, it would make a baby.

The only way to tell for sure if your girlfriend is pregnant is for her to take a home pregnancy test. I recommend she do this first thing in the morning, when her urine is the most concentrated.

You are correct that stress also can cause a woman's period to be late --or to skip a month altogether. There are many reasons for a woman's cycle to become irregular. Pregnancy and stress are two of those reasons.

By the way, I applaud you for practicing safe sex. Even if you believe you already know the correct way to use a condom, I suggest you look over this brief information about it from WebMD on how to use a condom. Correct use of a condom can increase its effectiveness.

Wishing you all the best!

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