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Im 70 years old and my skin has been really flaky since around the summer time.

My husband has the same problem. We aren't sure what causes it. We take baths regularly.. well I'm not so sure about him but he still washes up. I was in a car wreck and i have ruptured blood vessels in my legs and my husband had a stroke but he's been doing quite well. Thats besides the point, but we would like to know why we have flakey skin all over our body. We also use lotion a lot to sooth the itchiness from the loss of skin cells.

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I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. Dry, flaky skin can be more than a nuisance. If the skin develops microscopic cracks, it can let infections pass through.

If you have flaky skin "all over your body," as you stated, then one cause could be dehydration. As we age, we tend to decrease our fluid intake. I'd suggest you make sure to drink several glasses of plain water each day. If you are being treated for high blood pressure or a heart condition, you might want to check with your health care provider about how much fluid intake is best for you. But, generally speaking, drinking a few glasses of water per day is safe.

If you bathe daily, I'd suggest you cut back on that. We're hyper-hygienic here in the U.S. Unless you're strenuously exercising, you probably don't need a full bath or shower each day, and that much bathing can dry out your skin. Instead, try a daily sponge bath with warm, soapy water to clean your armpits, groin/rectum, and under your breasts. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Your use of lotion is a great idea. Keep that up. Use a "bland moisturizer," meaning something with little perfume. (You can get specific recommendations from a pharmacist or clerk at the local drugstore.) Thicker is better, so look for something that comes in a jar.

Try not to scratch because this can lead to tears in the skin that allow bacteria in. I know it's hard (maybe impossible!) not to scratch when your skin's that dry. But try to avoid it.

I hope you feel better soon!

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