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Went to donate blood, my b/p was 179/112.....DEVASTATED., what all of a sudden makes your b/p elevate like that?

I have not had any issues with my B/P before, so when they told me it was 179/112, I was absolutely on the floor. I am terrified of stroke.


I called my doc immediately as they advised, and doc said, since I felt ok, to monitor it over the weekend and if it stays elevated like that to go to Emergency/Urgent care. Well, I took a half of a Lorazepam and went to bed. Saturday am it was 129/88, continued to get higher during day. Sunday am, 150/96. Am I in danger of stroke? Really terrified of that.

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Well, anxiety is one thing that can raise your blood pressure. So, you may be caught in kind of a strange loop here: The fact you're anxious about having high blood pressure may be causing your blood pressure to go up.

Of course, chronic high blood pressure isn't caused merely by anxiety. Nervousness can cause a temporary spike in pressure, such as what you saw when you went to donate blood. This type of nervous system response is called "white coat hypertension."

If you continue to monitor your blood pressure at home a couple of times a day and it remains elevated (consistently above 140/90), then I'd suggest making an appointment to see your doctor. You probably are not in danger of an imminent stroke if your blood pressure is slightly elevated, but your medical provider will be very happy you caught this quickly so it can be treated if necessary.

Meanwhile, try to relax and just live your normal life. Maybe a little less stress will bring that blood pressure right back down.

Best wishes to you!

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