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Can a women get pregnant after ovulation and while she is having her period?

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It depends how long after actual ovulation. If one knows the actual date of ovulation, conception can occur up to 72 hours after ovulation as sperm can live inside the cervix for up to 72 hours under ideal conditions. An oocyte/egg has at least a 48 hour lifespan after ovulation.

As you may know the most likely time to conceive is about 14 days before the start of your next period. So if one had a regular 28 day cycle, ovulation is around day 14; a regular 34 day cycle will have an ovulation around day 20. If one has a regular 24 day cycle, ovulation can be as early as cycle day 10.

The problem arises among women who have periods/bleeds which are not linked to an ovulation. These "non-ovulatory bleeds" can occur randomly as the too thick lining of the uterus begins to shed on its own. The woman in this case could have a bleed and then an ovulation anytime thereafter.

An even more risky scenario would be the women who mistakes bleeding associated with the release of an egg/oocyte as a period. In that case she could get pregnant from intercourse during her "supposed period" because she is actually at a very fertile time.

Bottom line, getting pregnant during a "real" period is unlikely--especially if it has been 14 days since ovulation occurred. If [there is a concern] do a reliable pregnancy test about two weeks after the date of intercourse. A urine test should be reliable around the time of [the] expected period.

Lastly, if a woman is really scared about having an unplanned pregnancy, the worry can cause her flow to be late. ...A urine pregnancy test can help resolve any concerns.

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