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What is the recommended dosage for Magnesium?

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Medical Reference
The following doses have been studied in scientific research:

  • For reducing the frequency and severity of migraine headaches:
    • magnesium citrate 1830 mg in 3 divided doses for up to 3 months.
    • trimagnesium dicitrate 600 mg (24 mmol) daily for up to 3 months.
  • For reducing the frequency and severity of migraine headaches in children: magnesium oxide 9 mg per kg in 3 divided doses for up to 16 weeks.
  • For treatment of low magnesium levels in patients with type 2 diabetes: 50 mL magnesium chloride solution (containing 50 grams magnesium chloride per 1000 mL of solution) daily for 16 weeks.
  • For weak bones (osteoporosis): 150-750 mg/day has been used as a single agent or in combination with calcium or other supplements.
  • For premenstrual syndrome (PMS): 200-360 mg/day.
  • For pregnancy-related leg cramps: 240 mg in the morning and 440 mg in the evening.
The daily Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for elemental magnesium are: Age 1-3 years, 80 mg; 4-8 years, 130 mg; 9-13 years, 240 mg; 14-18 years, 410 mg (boys) and 360 mg (girls); 19-30 years, 400 mg (men) and 310 mg (women); 31 years and older, 420 mg (men) and 320 mg (women). For pregnant women age 14-18 years, the RDA is 400 mg; 19-30 years, 350 mg; 31-50 years, 360 mg. For lactating women age 14-18 years, the RDA is 360 mg; 19-30 years, 310 mg; 31-50 years, 320 mg. For infants less than one year of age, adequate intake (AI) levels are 30 mg from birth to 6 months and 75 mg from 7 to 12 months. The daily upper intake level (UL) for magnesium is 65 mg for children age 1-3 years, 110 mg for 4-8 years, and 350 mg for anyone over 8 years old, including pregnant and breast-feeding women.

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