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I have rosacea. My skin is too sensitive to use a lot of products. How do I pick ones that won't irritate my skin?

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Rosacea is a very interesting condition. We sometimes also call it adult acne, but it's really two different things. So the thing about rosacea is that, you do have some control. There are environmental stimuli that can trigger rosacea. So it's important to know what can turn it on, and then we can figure out how to turn it off as well.

Triggers for rosacea tend to be extremes in temperature. So if you go from a very hot environment to a very cold environment or vice versa, that can be an extreme trigger for rosacea.

Probably the biggest trigger for rosacea is alcohol, and it can be any type of alcohol, but some people notice it more with red wine.

Also, stress can be a very big trigger for rosacea. So you have to manage your stress. Obviously, we can't live without stress, because life would be no fun at all, but you have to be able to moderate your stress, so that you can handle it better, and so it won't show in your skin.

Once you have that under control as much as possible, then you can look for products that are fragrance free and dye free, because anything that irritates your skin can also bring out rosacea. So that will be a great starting point.

If that alone doesn't help, then you might have to go to prescription type products that can help. I like retinoids for treatment of rosacea, but you have to do it very gently. Topical metronidazole in a prescription form can also be very helpful, and salt-based medicines can be very helpful.

One other trigger for rosacea can be spicy foods. Then some people have their own personal triggers. Some people will say chocolate is a trigger, or vinegar, or some vegetables. So you have to sort of know your own personal triggers as well, and try to avoid them.

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