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What's the best over-the- counter treatment for diarrhea?

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American Pharmacists Association
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Diarrhea is a condition that once again as a pharmacist I can tell you all the time I ask a lot of questions, especially around the fact of, are you running a fever? How long have you had the diarrhea for? Is the diarrhea -- do you have dark though diarrhea? Because that could be a sign of internal bleeding. So you want to be very careful about the suggestions that we make.

In the case of diarrhea too medications sometimes aren't always the best choice. You want to change your diet? You want to make sure that you are hydrated. A lot of people forget that when you have diarrhea, you lose a lot of fluids. So, you want to do re-hydration first. Things like pedialyte, increasing your water intake and then introducing all foods in general.

Typically in the past there was something called the BRAT Diet, which was bran, rice, applesauce and toast, to help with diarrhea.

That actually is not the recommendation anymore, they actually want people to start eating pretty normally to get their body back in balance, as well as increasing their fluids.

Only then if there are some problems where they say, you know, I've been increasing my diet, I still have a little bit of diarrhea, Imodium or something like that be appropriate. But we do need to ask a few questions to find out what is really going on?

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