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How should I mix Novolin R with NPH insulin?


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Different insulins should be mixed only under instruction from a health care provider. Do not mix Novolin R with any other type of insulin besides NPH insulin. Novolin R should be mixed only when injections with syringes are used. Insulin syringes may vary in the amount of space between the bottom line and the needle (dead space), so if you are mixing two types of insulin be sure to discuss any change in the model and brand of syringe you are using with your health care provider. Novolin R can be mixed with NPH insulin right before use. When you are mixing Novolin R insulin with NPH insulin, always draw the Novolin R (clear) insulin into the syringe first.

  1. Add together the doses (total number of units) of NPH and Novolin R that you need to inject. The total dose will determine the final amount (volume) in the syringe after drawing up both insulins into the syringe. For example, if you need five units of NPH and two units of Novolin R, the total dose of insulin in the syringe would be seven units.
  2. Roll the NPH vial between your hands until the liquid is equally cloudy throughout.
  3. Draw into the syringe the same amount of air as the NPH dose. Inject this air into the NPH vial and then remove the needle from the vial but do not withdraw any of the NPH insulin. (Transferring NPH to the Novolin R vial will contaminate the Novolin R vial and may change how quickly it works.)
  4. Draw into the syringe the same amount of air as the Novolin R dose. Inject this air into the Novolin R vial. With the needle in place, turn the vial upside down and withdraw the correct dose of Novolin R. The tip of the needle must be in the Novolin R to get the full dose and not an air dose.
  5. After withdrawing the needle from the Novolin R vial, insert the needle into the NPH vial. Turn the NPH vial upside down with the syringe and needle still in it. Withdraw the correct dose of NPH.
  6. Inject right away to avoid changes in how quickly the insulin works.

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