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How do I apply the Sancuso patch?

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The Sancuso patch comes inside a pouch that is inside a carton.

  1. Do not remove the patch from the pouch until you are ready to use it.
  2. Do not cut the Sancuso patch into pieces.
  3. Remove the pouch from the carton.

how to apply the sancuso patch - illustration 1

4. Tear the pouch open using the slit provided, and remove the patch. Each pouch contains one Sancuso patch stuck onto a rigid plastic film, and a separate thin, clear protective liner.

how to apply the sancuso patch - illustration 2

5. Remove the thin, clear protective liner to expose the printed side of the patch. Throw away the liner. The protective liner is only included in the pouch to separate the patch from the inside of the pouch, and is not part of the patch.

how to apply the sancuso patch - illustration 3

6. The unprinted, sticky side of the patch is covered by a two-piece rigid plastic film. Bend the patch in the middle and remove one half of the rigid plastic film. Be careful not to stick the patch to itself and avoid touching the sticky side of the patch.

how to apply the sancuso patch - illustration 4

7. While holding the remaining half of the rigid plastic film, apply the patch to your skin. Remove the second half of the rigid plastic film and press the whole patch firmly in place with your fingers and smooth down. Press firmly making sure it sticks well to the skin, especially around the edges.

how to apply the sancuso patch - illustration 5

8. Wash your hands right away after applying the patch to remove any medicine that may have stuck to your fingers.

9. Keep the patch in place for the whole time you are having chemotherapy. Remove the patch at least one day (24 hours) after your chemotherapy is finished. The patch can be worn for up to seven days, depending on the number of days your chemotherapy treatment lasts.

10. Do not re-use the patch after you remove it.

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